Outreach Program

Individuals and families throughout the United States seeking information, direction and education can find the assistance they need through the Masonic Village Outreach Program. Staff can help you understand what services may be available and refer you to the appropriate community services, personal care and skilled care homes, or government and state programs.

Loan Closet

The Loan Closet has a limited supply of durable medical equipment available on a short-term loan basis from the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown campus.

The Widows Guild

The Widows Guild program recognizes and assists all widows of Pennsylvania Masons. Widows who attend certain events will receive a Masonic Blue Slipper Pin, which is universally recognized among Masons as identifying the wearer as the widow of a Mason, and a personalized membership card to the Widows’ Guild. On the back side of the membership card is the toll-free telephone number for the Masonic Outreach Program with a list of the many services available to any widow of a Pennsylvania Mason.

Dementia Caregiver Support & Education Group

The monthly Dementia Caregiver Support and Education Group, which is affiliated with the Alzheimer’s Association, provides support and resources for caregivers.

Watch the video below to more about the outreach services offered!