Welcoming All

The Congregation of Sell Chapel is a non-denominational church located at the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown. We invite residents of Masonic Village and the greater community to worship with us.

Wishing to provide an appropriate place of worship at the Masonic Village, and at the same time honor the memory of her late husband, Mrs. Kate E. Sell, widow of John S. Sell, donated the funds for the chapel. Her vision became reality with the service of dedication on June 30, 1927. The first worship service conducted in the new chapel took place on Sunday, July 3, 1927.

The beauty and grandeur of the chapel is surpassed only by the comfort and spiritual well-being that is perpetuated through the various religious services offered. Through the years, though regular religious services were conducted in the chapel, a formal congregation was not established until January 11, 2004, when the first members of the Congregation of Sell Chapel were received.

Outreach Ministry

Your gifts – from the dollars in the offering plates to the checks in the mail – make it possible for Sell Chapel to respond to needs on the Masonic Village campus, in our surrounding community and throughout the world. We appreciate your interest in aiding us in our mission to reach out to those in need.

The Congregation of Sell Chapel’s Outreach Committee has chosen to support certain ministries on an annual basis through regular donations:

  • The Children’s Playroom of Lancaster – Offers teenage parents of young children training, care and essential support so that they can become effective parents.
  • CROP Walk – A yearly activity and fundraiser sponsored by Church World Services. Part of the funds raised go directly to people living in this area.
  • Jewel David Ministries – Offers hope and healing to traumatized women and their families through affordable Christian counseling.
  • Hope Within – Community health center that provides free primary health care services for the financially needy.
  • Communities That Care  Community change process for reducing youth violence, alcohol and tobacco use and delinquency.
  • Emergency Fund – Readily available money can help solve serious problems as they occur.
  • Community-wide programs – Programs which directly benefit Elizabethtown homeless, including the Elizabethtown Community Housing and Outreach Services (ECHOS), and surrounding communities.
  • Employee Assistance Fund and Individual Requests –There is often a need for help when a crisis arises or a devastating health problem overcomes the family of a resident or employee. Such needs also exist in the surrounding Elizabethtown community and the greater Lancaster County area. We learn of special cases where aid is needed, and it is important that we respond as quickly as possible.

Spiritual Messages

Mama, are you happy?

Many of you know we have a 3 year old son who asks all sorts of questions about life. One of his favorite questions to me is “mama, are you happy”?

Faith, Time, and Holidays

This weekend we celebrate The United States of America being 240 years old. That's a long time for a nation to remain free. But in the context of world history, America is just a CHILD.

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