Apply for Long Term Care

Click to access and print our admissions application.Select the download option in the upper left corner. Once the file has downloaded, select the printer icon in the upper right corner. We’ve addressed some of the most frequently asked questions below, and you can always contact Masonic Village.

Two common misconceptions about moving to Masonic Village are that you need a Masonic affiliation to qualify, and you must turn over all your assets. We are open to those with and without Masonic affiliations, and we do not take control of residents’ assets.

How Soon Can My Loved One Move In?

It’s best to contact us immediately, and staff can provide an estimated timeframe. Even if long term care isn’t immediately needed, you can fill out an application at any time and keep it on file to save time in the future.

What is the Cost of Long Term Care?

Questions about the costs of long term care, what insurance does and doesn’t cover, what happens if a person’s assets deplete and how to qualify for Medicaid depend on each person’s circumstances. Our staff can help navigate these complexities.

How Do I Get the Process Started?

Complete an application, available at the link above, and submit it to Masonic Village. Once staff receive and review it, they may have additional questions before processing it, which could take up to a month depending on any information needed.

What Happens After the Move?

Staff encourage residents to bring photos, books, comforters, pillows and small personal items to help them feel more comfortable in their new home. Each resident meets with a social worker who will be their campus liaison when they first arrive.

How Can I Stay Involved in My Loved One’s Care?

Residents and family members/POAs may attend care conferences, which are held on a regular basis or when significant changes occur in a resident’s condition. It’s important to have one primary contact who can share information with other family members.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-422-1207. Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.