It is crucial that Senate leaders not bring the proposed “Graham-Cassidy” health care bill before the Senate. Please contact your lawmakers today and ask them to oppose this bill that would severely reduce Medicaid services for people in need of care.

To help prevent this, PLEASE call your Senators TODAY at 1-866-821-9427. It is a toll-free number set up by LeadingAge to help connect you directly to your Senators’ offices. You will be prompted to enter your zip code to get connected to your Senator’s office. Leave a message with the staff person who answers the phone. After talking with the staff person, do not hang up. Allow the staff person to hang up, and the automated system will then connect you to your other Senator. A suggested script for sharing your concerns is below:

“My name is _____ and I am a constituent. I oppose efforts to convert Medicaid to per capita caps or block grants, because they would destroy Medicaid as we know it. Under the “Graham-Cassidy” plan, states would eventually have to consider raising taxes, cutting spending on other programs, or reducing Medicaid enrollment — potentially leaving millions of older adults without coverage. Many of America’s oldest and most vulnerable older adults rely on Medicaid as it exists today to pay for long-term services and supports. Please oppose “Graham-Cassidy” and other efforts to cut and cap Medicaid. Thank you.”