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Enjoy your Workday!

Workday is cloud-based (hosted online) human resources, payroll, and financial system that will be used to replace several modules that are currently running on the legacy administrative system.

This website serves as a centralized go-to source for all things Workday at Masonic Villages. Most, if not all, communications distributed about Workday will also be found here on this site. The site also features a frequently asked questions section, Workday training resources, Workday support resources, and links to access Workday training.

Project Time!

This summer (2017), our Kronos timekeeping system is moving from an in-house server to an upgraded, secure web-based system. The upgrade will include new timeclocks, remote/mobile access to view your timecard and more flexibility with managing your time. Nursing and personal care clinical staff will also be piloting a new staff scheduling system which will be a module of the new Kronos system.

Click here for additional training: Kronos Training

Workday FAQ

Workday is a cloud-based (hosted online) human resources, payroll and financial system that will be used to replace several modules that are currently running on the legacy administrative system. Want to know more general information about Workday, the company? Visit
Workday was selected because its offerings meet and exceed the business requirements of the Masonic Villages. Other major factors that led to the selection of Workday are its up-to-date scalable, cloud-based technology, and end-user friendly interface.
ESS gives each and every Masonic Villages employee the ability to partner with HR and payroll in the management of their human resources, benefits, and payroll records. With ESS, employees can quickly and easily view and change personal information relating to their employment at Masonic Villages. Visit the training section in the near future for a full list of ESS tasks that employees will be able to complete online.
MSS gives managers an online means for managing the personnel side of their staff. Managers will be able to initiate employee status changes, compensation changes, view team directories, and much, much more! Visit the training section in the near future for a full list of MSS tasks that managers will be able to complete with Workday.
A fairly new concept in computing, the “cloud” refers to centralized computing, hosted off-site from a client’s location, to offer scalability and flexibility while lowering overall lifetime costs of the system due to multiple clients sharing hardware. The responsibility of the upgrades, hardware, and maintenance relating to the hosting of the system is on the vendor; not Masonic Villages. The Workday “cloud” is safe and secure. Workday undergoes several security audits each year, has numerous security certifications, and as of this date has never been subjected to a data breach.
You, of course, can see all of your personal, compensation, and job-related information. Your manager or supervisor can see certain details relevant to your employment. Human resources and benefits has access to your information just as they do now with HCS for reporting and communication purposes.
All employees are issued a Workday user ID and password. Workday is accessible from almost anywhere from almost any device. You can access Workday from any Masonic Villages’ computer. Workday can also be accessed from your home computer and/or your mobile device.
Yes! Workday will integrate with many other Masonic Villages’ systems and external partners such as benefit providers to facilitate a truly integrated environment. This will streamline many different aspects of business operations.

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