For Bill Mowbray, family has always been priority. Like many working adults, he found himself in a position of wanting to care for his loved ones but having to juggle other responsibilities like work, volunteering, his children and caregiving for his wife’s parents in New Jersey.

As he looked into a long-term care options for his aunt, he was relieved to find Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, located near his home in Lancaster. In addition to high quality care and convenience, Bill found an environment he and his aunt could enjoy during his many visits.

“The campus is just beautiful, with the mix of old stone buildings and attractive newer construction,” he said. “The mature trees and open space make for a very positive setting.”

Since moving, his aunt is flourishing at Masonic Village. She has re-connected with old friends from her Order of the Eastern Star chapter and met new ones. She enjoys her monthly trip off campus for breakfast, attending church and special music concerts and playing bingo. Her health has benefited as well, with staff quickly recognizing when she was having a medical issue and getting her to her doctor immediately.

“My aunt likes the interaction with other people the best,” Bill said. “She had been living alone in her house and, as her age advanced, had less and less interaction with other people. The socialization activities have been good for her well-being.”

Bill’s father passed away last December. His brother, Donald, was living with their father, and as much as Bill wanted to assist his brother, he knew with his job and other commitments, he wouldn’t be able to provide the support Donald needed.

Fortunately, Masonic Village’s Bleiler Caring Cottage had an opening. A home for eight individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the cottage provides around-the-clock care and access to campus programs and amenities, and staff establish personal goals for each resident.

“Donald likes the environment of having a ‘home’ with other people and all the activities he gets to participate in – not only through the cottage, but also the general activity schedule of the Masonic Village,” Bill said. “He especially enjoys the trips they take off campus, as well as his volunteering activities.”

Throughout both his aunt’s and brother’s move to Masonic Village, Bill had a helping hand from staff who provided tours and introduced them to other residents, ensuring they were both comfortable in their new homes.

The last year brought a lot of transition for Bill and his family. With everyone’s needs now met, Bill is able to be the supportive brother and nephew he always was, with the peace of mind that his family is in the best place possible.

“My wife and I feel so fortunate about the situation my brother and aunt have had the opportunity to enjoy,” he said. “We are able to maintain all the commitments in our lives knowing that they are so well cared for.”