Active Retirement Living

Take time to rediscover YOU

Each day brings exciting opportunities amidst Masonic Villages’ abundance

The Freedom to Enjoy Your Retirement

Now is the time to focus on YOU. You’ve worked hard your whole life, raised your family and given back to your community. Now, with retirement living at Masonic Villages, you can start on all those passions you’ve waited to pursue.

Learn something new, reignite old interests, develop new relationships, spend more time with the ones you love or whatever your heart desires. Masonic Villages handles much of your to-do list, so you can do what you want.

Take your dog for a walk. A long walk. Travel, knowing your home is secured 24-hours-a-day. Finish that quilt or hand-carved cabinet you started 20 years ago. Cook because you enjoy it, or take the night off and visit a campus restaurant. Volunteer to make your community a better place to live. Have meaningful discussions about subjects that interest and engage you.


Activities and Amenities

Each of Masonic Villages’ locations offers unique amenities, clubs, programs and entertainment. That’s because we’re inspired by our residents’ unique interests. You are encouraged to form new clubs and tell us what trips you want to take, performers you want to see and topics you want to discover. Our residents also assist in crafting restaurant menus, which constantly change.

We know health and wellness are important, and that’s why Masonic Villages help you focus on nurturing your mind, body and spirit. Amenities, programs and services are geared to provide growth and encouragement for all dimensions of your life. Stimulate your mind, challenge your body and feed your spirit.

Moving to a retirement community can seem like a big adjustment. Bring your traditions with you, and start new ones. Invite your family to take a walk and show off your new community. You’ll encounter many friendly faces along the way, assuring your family the move to Masonic Villages was the right one.

Peace of Mind

One of the most priceless amenities Masonic Villages offers is peace of mind with financial security. Knowing one monthly service fee conveniently covers many expenses will make it easy to relax and enjoy this phase of your life. You’ll also be rest assured knowing if your health needs ever change, we have the staff and services to support you. Short-term and long-term accommodations can help ensure you’re feeling your best.

Masonic Villages is proud of its 150-year history while also focused on the future; the future of what enables you to really thrive. Technology is constantly evolving, and we are seeking the latest and greatest options to provide convenience, comfort and connections at your fingertips. Tune in, log on or disconnect – the choice is yours!