Currently residents of Montoursville, Pa., Mike and Jamie are looking forward to moving into their new cottage at the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown in March 2018. In addition to being closer to their children and grandchildren, they’re excited about the beautiful campus, the various activities, convenient amenities and peace of mind their new home will offer.

“It gives me a lot comfort knowing where we’ll spend the rest of our lives,” Mike said. Before touring the campus in September 2016, the couple had considering moving into a 55 plus community. “But then, you don’t know health wise what’s down the road,” Jamie explained. “You could end up having a lot of problems and then have to downsize and sell your home to move into a community. Planning it now while we’re healthy and can enjoy it gives me a lot of peace of mind.” The move also alleviates any worries for their three children, who all live nearby in Lancaster County. Their 11 grandchildren are excited to have them closer, too!

Looking Forward

“I’ve always been resistant about moving because of all I have to give up in my community – my friends and activities,” Jamie said. “This is the first time I’m excited because instead of looking back at what I’m giving up, I’m looking forward to what all we’re going to get.”

The couple is relieved not to have to worry about indoor or outdoor maintenance for their cottage or having to find a cleaning company … which leaves them plenty of time to explore the campus’ walking trails. “I tell people I’ll be living on an Ivy League campus,” Jamie said. Not only are they impressed with the landscaping, but they’re looking forward to enjoying beautiful sunsets over the pastoral landscape from their cottage widows.

A retired physical education teacher, Jamie is looking forward to all the fitness, yoga and water aerobics classes available on campus. The couple expects to enjoy the bocce court, lifelong learning lectures, concerts, dining in the various restaurants and purchasing some fresh produce from the farm market. While Jamie attends book club, Mike looks forward to gardening in the new plots on campus.

For these high school sweethearts, this new phase in their life is an exciting adventure.