Finding the most useful gifts for a family member who lives in a long-term care community to enjoy can be challenging. Older adults have received a lifetime of gifts, but over the years, their needs may have changed, according to They may be dealing with physical health issues or memory loss and have needs for everyday items that wouldn’t normally come to mind.

What most people want is TIME with their family members over anything else. If you can’t be there in person, an old-fashioned phone call is the next best thing. If your loved one can’t make it home for the holidays, bring some of their favorite foods and decorations to them.

In addition to giving your time, Masonic Village team members offer the following suggestions for appropriate holiday gifts for loved ones residing in a nursing or personal care home:

  1. slipper socks
  2. robes
  3. pajamas
  4. quilt or blanket, especially memory blankets with pictures on them
  5. watches or clocks that say the time of day (for people with visual deficits)
  6. snacks like soft cookies, raisins, peanut butter crackers, cupcakes and cereal they can enjoy and share, if desired
  7. crossword puzzles
  8. word search books
  9. seek-and-find books
  10. adult coloring books and colored pencils
  11. photo albums or scrapbooks
  12. framed pictures of family, or digital frames with photos uploaded
  13. toiletries such as body wash, lotions or shampoo and conditioner
  14. hats, gloves and scarves for going out on trips
  15. sweaters
  16. a music player with CDs of their favorite singers or music downloaded onto them
  17. restaurant gift certificates they can use for a meal trip
  18. playing cards
  19. large piece jigsaw puzzles
  20. cards, notepaper, envelopes and stamps
  21.  jewelry sets for women
  22. holiday decorations

At Masonic Village’s Elizabethtown, Lafayette Hill and Warminster locations, browse the gift shops for ideas and ask about gift certificates.

For additional gift ideas, visit the Masonic Village Giving Catalog.