Forever High School Sweethearts

Anyone who knew Max Hoffman remembers he was always up to something. Max was a busy man with more than a few hobbies throughout his life, usually revolving around family and helping others.

July 15, 2020|

One Mother’s Strength

A mother’s strength is unparalleled. Chad Thomas’ mother, Eileen, was no exception. Eileen was Chad’s rock, his phone call on the way home after work in the evening. It didn’t surprise Chad to learn that when his mother was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia in 2013, she first thought of her family and how they would cope with the journey ahead.

January 23, 2020|

The Game of a Lifetime

For Marty Walker, watching the Philadelphia Phillies takes him back to childhood. In his family’s home outside of Philadelphia, Marty’s father’s love for the Phillies was contagious. When Masonic Village Hospice staff heard how the Phillies impacted Marty’s childhood, they knew they had to arrange a trip for Marty to enjoy one last game.

January 16, 2020|

Helping Students Expand Their Knowledge in End-of-Life Care

There are many stigmas about hospice care. However, as those who work in hospice come to find, hospice isn’t just about death and dying. It’s about making every moment count. Masonic Village Hospice provides internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to gain first-hand experience.

January 9, 2020|

Caring for a Caregiver

Lee Beach’s wife, Betty Jane, loved ice cream, specifically classic vanilla topped with pieces of a Snickers candy bar. She radiated positive energy and found joy in life’s littlest pleasures. As a registered nurse for more than 40 years, she

October 3, 2019|

Making Connections

105-year-old Florence Methlie has been the connecting link for many people throughout her lifetime. Whether she was connecting people to their loved ones via her job at the Bell Telephone Company or being the glue that held her own family

October 3, 2019|

When Time Stands Still

Jill Stauffer’s life was moving fast. She and her husband were keeping up with their toddler son and had another on the way when time suddenly stopped. In November 2016, Jill’s grandmother, Bea, was diagnosed with cancer after suffering from

August 14, 2019|

Animals Bring Joy & Comfort to Patients

Nala walked excitedly beside her owner, Bethann Lizzi, one of hospice’s RN case managers. Her tail was wagging, as she knew she was going to visit with patients. As she walked down the hall, she spotted an old friend, Frank

August 14, 2019|
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