What is hospice, and what are its benefits?

For those facing a terminal illness, their last wishes often revolve around three simple things: family, comfort and home. The care and support Masonic Village Hospice provides prioritizes these wishes so patients can pass in peace and on their own terms.

January 22, 2019|Hospice|

A Tattoo Worth a Thousand Words

Masonic Village Hospice staff have a special place in Bill’s heart, as they have guided him through the loss of his wife and throughout his own illness. As he looks down at his tattoo, he is reminded of his love of adventure and for the people who have cared for and about him.

July 12, 2018|Hospice, Lifestyle|

Remembering as a Family

Masonic Village Hospice staff dedicates themselves to families of patients, like the Meridionales, so they have time to reflect, share memories and grieve together during their loved one's final days.

March 29, 2018|Care, Hospice|

Cherishing a Lasting Love

For those who never met Betsy Karl, her personality shines through in the way her husband, David, speaks of her. Betsy, in so many words, was slow to anger and quick to forgive. She was caring and generous.

January 4, 2018|Care, Hospice|

Love in Full Color

When Ron Swope thinks of his wife Karen, he thinks of three things: her basket full of coloring books, all the angel figurines she placed around their home and her smile.

October 30, 2017|Care, Hospice|
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