Obesity and the Science Behind Healthy Eating

Obesity is an epidemic in this country. What causes obesity is quite complicated; the mechanisms behind it, however, are becoming known. We know it is a balance between what is eaten (diet) and what is burned (exercise).

October 6, 2015|

Identity Theft and Scams Can Sneak Up

Every year, Masonic Villages helps a handful of residents navigate through the process of reporting fraud or attempted scams. Statistically, senior citizens are targeted with consumer fraud more frequently than other demographics.

September 22, 2015|

What is lifelong learning?

Learning doesn't end with school or classes. We all learn throughout our lives, and lifelong learning enables us to function in the world around us.

June 20, 2015|

Tai Chi for Health

Experience relaxation and enhanced Qi - life energy essential to good health and longevity - at Tai Chi for Arthritis®. The class is offered at the Masonic Village at Dallas in three-month sessions.

April 6, 2015|

Movement Through Music Therapy

Music therapy is a growing health care profession in which credentialed professionals use music to improve an individual's physical, emotional and mental well-being.

April 6, 2015|
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