Brain Health and Wellness

According to the Functional Aging Institute, the top three concerns among older adults are losing money, losing independence and losing brain function, but you can still take control of your brain health.

January 17, 2018|

Making Food Fun Again

Balancing the foods necessary for good health with the foods that bring pleasure (but not as many of the essential nutrients) is a lifelong challenge – one that increases in importance as you age.

September 5, 2017|

Building Muscle After Age 70

New research on the benefits of building muscle at 70 and beyond proves pumping iron isn’t just for the young, but also the young at heart. It works to increase their quality of life.

August 28, 2017|

Introducing OmniStand

Masonic Village at Elizabethtown is the only facility in Lancaster County to offer a new therapy that improves balance and strength.

April 26, 2017|

Trouble sleeping? Here are tips to help!

As adults age, their sleep patterns often change. It may taker longer to fall asleep than before. Or, you may have a harder time staying asleep, which can result in more naps throughout the day.

March 22, 2017|

Homegrown Beef Enhances Menus

The Masonic Village at Elizabethtown has the unique benefit of featuring a working farm and orchard among its many campus amenities. Because of this it also boasts fresh, local menu ingredients, including beef.

June 8, 2016|
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